Mar 12, 2011

What is your Grade? Extra Credit options

Progress Reports just went out and many students were wondering about their grades. 50% of your grade is your participation (stars/checks) and 50% is your Quick Draws and projects. It is March and some of you are still not getting 10s on your Quick Draws. At this point in the school year, there really aren't any excuses. I give credit for trying, so if you write the date and attempt all four steps you will get a ten! When I was grading them, I took a picture of someone's koi fish because I was impressed with how well they did it. Now I forget whose it was! If this is yours, find me and I will give you a treat for reading this :-)
Also, if you think you are doing poorly on Quick Draws and Participation, you can always do a drawing at home for Xtra Credit. Lorenzo in 3rd grade is always handing in cool drawings he did at home. This is his Sea Monster.
Deshun always does AWESOME Quick Draws (see dragon below), but he does not show the steps so I can not give him full credit :-( Please at least do quick sketch of first three steps. It is good practice.
However, Deshun does do Xtra Credit for me. We started studying warm and cool colors, so he drew out Warm and Cool coloring sheets for the students to practice with. Everyone loved how they looked and it does look very professional! Ashton painted this one in.
If you think you can not draw, you can also hand in a coloring sheet for Xtra credit. Deandre from 6th grade colored in these Astrology coloring sheets and I was impressed with how neat he used the markers. I also loved his choices of color.

Also if you finish early, you can always to Free Draw in your sketchbook and I will give Xtra Credit for that. I believe the heart below is by Tyeesha. This is why it is really important to write your name below your help me!
Joseph from 2nd grade always does this really interesting superheroes when he finishes early. They are already so advanced that I can not wait to see how his drawings develop when he is older.

I want you to impress me too. Do more Free Draws when you finish early!

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