Dec 27, 2010

Hold My Hand

To prepare ourselves for the Michael Jackson concert that came to Fernwood, every class make their own Michael Jackson glove. We put fun facts and lyrics on the back side of the glove. I saw this music video celebrating Michael Jackson, check it out: Hold My Hand Video

Artwork by Brianna, Jeremie, Fahrenheit

Artwork by Rynesha
Click to see up-close!
Artwork by Yahzyah and Lakeua
Artwork by Alaina
Artwork by Jamari and Yahdiah
Artwork by Jakobe and Alexzandria

2nd Graders Impress me with these Dresses

After seeing the play "The 100 Dresses", I told the 2nd graders we could have a dress drawing contest, just like in the story. Congratulations to the two winners: Iyana and Kayla good work!
Artwork by Kayla
Artwork by Iyana

Dec 17, 2010

You can't catch us, we're the gingerbread men

Artwork by Tranique and Leonardo

No Slackers with these Nutcrackers!

5th graders completed the other half of the nutcracker to make it SYMMETRICAL. They got creative with the coloring in! Good Work
Artwork by Breanna and Ashton
Artwork by Gabrieal and Tatiana
Artwork by Ahmad and Kiara Robinson
Artwork by Michael Scott and Donyell