Apr 18, 2010

Why does Chicago love Picasso?

Picasso is very important to Chicago because he designed a huge 50-foot sculpture in Chicago, known usually as the Chicago Picasso (not too difficult to remember, right!) Is the figure a bird? a horse? a woman? or a totally abstract shape? It is up to you to decide. Picasso is so much fun! The sculpture, one of the most recognizable landmarks in downtown Chicago, was unveiled in 1967. Picasso refused to be paid $100,000 for it, donating it to the people of the city.

If you want to play some Picasso games, visit the websites below.

Make a Picasso portrait

Catch Picasso's head

Pablo Picasso’s Portraits and Profiles!

3-5th graders learned about portraits done by Pablo Picasso. Picasso liked to show the side-view of the face, called a profile, and the face from the front view in the same painting. Compare our portraits to his and you can see we did the same thing!

The three portraits above are by Picasso. Now compare them to our portraits below.

Artwork by Tyree, Jevon, Makayl, and Kiara W.
Artwork by Kiara L., Stephon, and Cartez
Artwork by Michiaya, Jermaine, Avionne
Artwork by Donyelle and Joseph B.
Artwork by Mark
Artwork by William and Ashton

What mood are you in today?

After reading "Glad Monster, Sad Monster" the K-2nd graders made their own mood monsters. You should be able to tell how their mood monsters are feeling depending on its color. When you see a blue painting does it make you more sad than a painting with bright yellow colors? When Pablo Picasso was really sad he painting only with blue colors! When Miss Reardon gets mad does her face turn red ?! ;-) Colors can show different moods.

Artwork by Joseph B and Kayla W
Artwork by Reggie

Artwork by Jherrone and Heaven

Artwork by Robert and Nygel

Artwork by Eddie, Daion, and Chyna

Artwork by Briannah, Eron, and Latricia

Apr 15, 2010

2nd Quarter Art Stars, Better late than never

First of all, Triniti is first student to comment on her classmates artwork! I am so Happy :-) I have stickers for anyone who comments on our art room blog, so start commenting. I forgot to post my 2nd Quarter Stars online, so here they are:
202- Andre
302-Calvin R.

Apr 14, 2010

Thank You to my 3rd Quarter Art Stars

Each class has many art stars, but I chose students who have showed extra effort in following the rules of the art room, working hard on their art projects and setting a great example to their classmates. These students have helped their neighbors and make art class peaceful and enjoyable. I notice and appreciate you.
Third Quarter Art Stars are as follows:
Room 402: Devin, Room 403: Demarion, Room 202: Denaija, Room207: Anthony, Room 201: Amanda, Room 206: Trevius, Room 208: Mark, Room 106: William, Room108: Ellusion, Room302: Kenya, Room301: Darneisha, Room307: Farenheit, Room 306:Brandon, Room 308: Malik