Dec 22, 2009


I just discovered I think some of you will have fun here. If you make your own I will be sure to print them, just let me know.
Check out the posters I made for our classroom below (just click on picture to see it bigger):

Dec 14, 2009

2010! New Year, New Beginnings :-)

Happy 2010!! New Year Day is my second favorite holiday (after Halloween:-)) because everyone makes resolutions and is so hopeful to work hard in order to grow and better themselves. My New Year's resolution is going to be better with requiring the respect I deserve, so beware ;-) :-) What will your New Year resolution be?

The first graders made party hats to wear on New Years Eve. They earned the right to do papier mache! They got there hands (and the tables) nice and goooooey with flour paste (1 cup flour, 1 cup water, 1 teaspoon salt). First they used newspaper to cover the cone and then they decorated with tissue paper, glitter and sequins.

After break everyone starts with pencils again. I hope that all the classes can earn the right to use papier mache by the end of the school year. Work hard and quiet so that we can do extra cool stuff.

Make sure you remember to wear your party hats, tiaras, dress up and make noise at midnight! And decide what your resolution will be!
I am resigning from posting until after Winter Break. I wish everyone a Happy New Year and I will see you after break.

Dec 13, 2009

Go Chicago! Room 306 Skyline Design

Look at the previous post to see more information about our Chicago Cityscape project.
Artwork from 306:
Artwork by Jallayha
Artwork by Ebony
Artwork by Deangelo
Artwork by Byron
Artwork by Jeffon
Artwork by Brandon
Artwork by Malachi
Artwork by Tatianna

Go Chicago! Room 307 Skyline Design

With pride, the Upper Grades designed their own artistic Chicago cityscape. They looked at pictures of the Chicago skyline and decided which buildings they wanted to highlight. Half of the students used watercolors and half used tracing paper. Those who used tracing paper have skylines that are more exact and they focused more energy on using creative colors. Which room do you think worked the hardest?!

Artwork from Room 307:
Artwork by Talaiyah
Artwork by Lavonte
Artwork by Erica
Artwork by Kennedie
Artwork by Farenheit
Artwork by Walter
Artwork by Jimmie (you can not see the detail with this photo but Jimmie is great, he has an eye for art)
Artwork by Kenda, she requested that I post her painting, but I hope that she finishes it!

Dec 8, 2009

Free Paint, No Restraint

The art club students were given a chance to paint whatever their creative minds came up with.
Artwork by Janeia
Artwork by Joseph
Artwork by Breanna
Artwork by Kennedie

Artwork by Jermaine shown above
Jermaine's painting reminded me a little of Jackson Pollock, a famous artist who liked to splatter paint.

Artwork by Jackson Pollock

Cookie Cutter Clay Ornaments

The lower graders got their hands messy making their clay ornaments. They mixed 2 cups of flour, with one cup salt and one cup water, and ta-da, they made clay. You probably have the ingredients in your cupboard right now.
It is easy! After you make the clay, pat it down flat and use a cookie cutter to make the shape. Use a straw to point a hole at the top. Set aside to dry for a week.
Artwork by Aniyah
Artwork by Damari
Artwork by Akilah and Janeia (Art Club students also made clay- Akilah used a fork on her gingerbread man and Janeia decided not to use the cookie cutters and sculpted the thumbs up, reindeer and that little bow!)
Makayla made great texture on her ornaments! (texture= look and feel of the fork markings)

Next paint and add fun stuff.

Set aside to dry for a day.
Two on the Left by De'yannah, Kiara did the bell and Chyna did the bear, nice work!
Artwork by Tatianna

Finally, add a ribbon to hang your ornament.
Artwork by Asjah
Artwork by Aniya- scroll up to see what Aniya's ornaments looked before being painted.

What is a Blog? and some reminders

Mrs. Reed let me know that she is putting an article about my blog in the school newsletter. I am excited and curious to see which students come to visit and see their artwork. Here is some more info about blogs:

A blog is like an online diary. Miss Reardon keeps a blog to post pictures and stories about Fernwood’s Art Class. The blog allows you to make comments. With comments you can tell your friends you like their artwork, comment on your own artwork, or mention something that you learned in class. Share the website with your friends and family and they can leave comments too. It is a great way to show off your artwork. Work hard and soon you can find your artwork here.

Some reminders:
-If you have brothers or sisters in lower grades, help them look at their artwork!
-I am sure I made some mistakes, for example: If your graduating year is wrong, if I wrote the wrong artist name or forgot to post your name, etc, etc. Please write a comment on that post and I will correct it.
-Click on the image for a closer look and right click to save the image.
-If you have a google account, become a follower and you will get an email when I update...if not, come visit often :-) I am putting a blog counter to see how often you are coming to see your artwork:

blog counter
blog counter

Dec 6, 2009

Fernwood architects hired to design a skyscraper

The 4th-6th grade students are future architects hired to design a skyscraper to be built in 2121. Technology will be advanced, so their design could be as futuristic as they please. Their task was to draw the new skyscraper that will highlight the Chicago skyline. An architect came to class to help them with their designs. Look below to see the different skyscrapers they designed.

Artwork by Lawrence

Artwork by Ashton
Artwork by Ma'kayl
Artwork by Micheal
Artwork by KiaraL
Artwork by Nia
Artwork by KiaraW
Artwork by Jevon
Artwork by William
Artwork by Diamond

They also learned about the skyscrapers that are already in Chicago.
Artwork by Denadrian
Artwork by Dakest
Artwork by Letasha
Artwork by Deantay
We debated if it was fair that the Petronas Towers are taller than the Sears Tower, what do you think? ☺

And they learned about "the Spire" which is the skyscraper being built in Chicago as we speak. Below is what the Chicago skyline will look with the spire.