Dec 8, 2009

What is a Blog? and some reminders

Mrs. Reed let me know that she is putting an article about my blog in the school newsletter. I am excited and curious to see which students come to visit and see their artwork. Here is some more info about blogs:

A blog is like an online diary. Miss Reardon keeps a blog to post pictures and stories about Fernwood’s Art Class. The blog allows you to make comments. With comments you can tell your friends you like their artwork, comment on your own artwork, or mention something that you learned in class. Share the website with your friends and family and they can leave comments too. It is a great way to show off your artwork. Work hard and soon you can find your artwork here.

Some reminders:
-If you have brothers or sisters in lower grades, help them look at their artwork!
-I am sure I made some mistakes, for example: If your graduating year is wrong, if I wrote the wrong artist name or forgot to post your name, etc, etc. Please write a comment on that post and I will correct it.
-Click on the image for a closer look and right click to save the image.
-If you have a google account, become a follower and you will get an email when I update...if not, come visit often :-) I am putting a blog counter to see how often you are coming to see your artwork:

blog counter
blog counter

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  1. Hi, it is nice to see your students' work. -Dad