Jan 29, 2011

2nd Quarter Art Stars!!

These students have been continually pleasing me with their awesome hard work and behavior. Thanks as always!! You are true leaders.
Room 403- Jeremiah
Room 402- Catahjari (her second time!!)
Room 207- Iyana
Room 206- Desiree
Room 208- Derrick
Room 106- Juavonte
Room 108- Gabrieal
Room 308- Princess
Room 307- Robert
Room 306- Fajah

Sketching Highlights

Fajah's zentangle is worth clicking on for a close-up. There are some really cool details she included. Do you spy a bird, a few people and more? Zentangles are fun because they are no mistakes.
Ellusion's dragon quick draw is impressive!

And Derrick's only in 3rd grade!
Lorenzo, also in 3rd grade, is always doing cool drawings like this volcano.
Lydell's sketch is real interesting.
And this is a sneak peak to the USA map Zentangle project we are working on right now. Deandre did some of the more difficult zentangle designs, click to zoom.

Picture Perfect Penguins

After watching a movie about Cinderella Penguin and her glass FLIPPER, K-2nd grade collaged their own penguins with orange triangles for beak and flippers. They decorated the frame with fish since Penguins eat fish.
Artwork by Alonnia
Artwork by Brianna V.
Artwork by Edyn
Artwork by Alexis
Artwork by Sh'mar
Artwork by Shiyannah

Jan 19, 2011

We got it Covered.

Passing out sketchbooks has become easier now that we put our own unique designs on the covers. Here are some sketchbook covers that turned out really nice.
Artwork by Kiara L
Artwork by Yuzerick
Artwork by Jakobe
Artwork by Kiara Wood
Artwork by Michiaya
Artwork by Princess
Artwork by Kori
Artwork by Kayla

More Masai!

Here are some 5th grade artwork that I was especially impressed with. Good Work! Read previous post for more about Masai Tribe and our artwork.

Artwork by Donyell

Artwork by Triniti

Artwork by Gabrieal
Artwork by Brianna

Artwork by Xavier

Masai Tribe: Never lets the tradition die.

3rd-5th graders learned about the Masai tribe while creating these colorful collages.
The Masai people of Kenya and northern Tanzania adorn themselves with "Shukas", the sheets wrapped around their bodies. These are often in bold colors with stripes and plaid. Since we are studying color, we put are “Shukas” in order of the rainbow (ROYGBP).
We used different types of lines to make the stripes and the decorative cloth. We added necklaces and earring on our Masai people, since they are very popular in their culture.
Some of our people might be jumping because Masai warriors are well known for their competitive jumping. Another fun fact about the Masai tribe is that they drink cow blood during celebrations and as nourishment for the sick.
*Click on image for a close up!
Artwork by Montala and Chyna H
Artwork by Eryn
Artwork by Kori
Artwork by Marquis and Damari
Artwork by Kayla and Brian
Artwork by Indiya and DaMarques
Artwork by Kiara L, Mark

Jan 6, 2011

2011 is Here!

Welcome to 2011! I would like to start the New Year by getting students to comment on my page. Here is your chance to earn Xtra Credit! Answer one of the following questions:
1) What is your New Year Resolution for 2011?
2) What are your favorite song (list name and artist)?
3) What do you wish we could do for a Quick Draw?
Make sure you write your name!!