Feb 28, 2012

Apology and Patterned Paper

Please come again soon to see the pictures of the artwork we have been busy making. They will be posted by next month.

Some projects I have been really into this year is drawing into wet paint, so much fun! And Printmaking, although we are still very much in the experimenting stages.

We enjoyed making painted patterned paper using cut cardboard, stamps, anything really. 4th grade used cool colors on day, warm the next week. Here are my favorites:

Avionne's cool colors

Yahdiah's warm colors
Printmaking with Acrylic paints= FAIL, the paint dries too quickly
However, the dried paint looked great with Triniti's creation. A++ to her for remembering to reverse the Words
Chloe's minimalist painting that she did one day when she had extra time. This painting would love really nice in a living room.

Matisse's Colorful Rooms

Matisse= Patterns and Bright and Bold Colors.

After looking at some colorful rooms by Matisse (we saw some of his rooms up close and personal at the museum :-)) we made our own using paint and oil pastel. You can see, I also showed them one of favorite Matisse's, The goldfish!

Artwork by Indiya

Artwork by Cornelius
Artwork by Brianna
Artwork by Xavier (He used his Anime skills with the portrait framed on the wall! Oh the creativity :-))

Artwork by William, I always love William's artwork when he actually completes a piece. Imagine if he tried everytime!

CATS! Gesture Painting

Sitting, standing, lying. Small, medium, large. Sunbathing, playing, stretching. Art is fun. Meooow.
Artwork by Iyana
Artwork by Kayla
Artwork by Autumn
Artwork by Edyn

The Snowy Day

After reading "The Snowy Day" PreK pasted down their Peter and played with mixing paint using Q-tips. Unfortunately, they do not write their name yet, but if you have a younger sibling in the PreK class, maybe they will recognize their artwork!

Peter is facing a on-coming blizzard! The other Peter looks to be blown away by the blizzard!
I believe Aniya painted the floating snowman. 
I would not want to meet these scary blizzard cloud on the bottom!
There too students were very good at using the Q-tips to make snowflakes. Dot, dot, dot.

Cold Hands, Warm Hearts

After making textured painted paper using warm/cool paints, 7th graders made a collage using their painted paper.
Artwork by Lashamere and Yahzyah
 Artwork by Keyana and Tyree
 Marvelles and Mikayla always take the art projects in their own very unique creative way.  Marvelles drew an actually human heart rather than using art shape.  Mikayla's heart has a face and the hand is over the eye.
 Artwork by Kiara B

Hands of Diversity

While learning how to overlap, 7th graders made posters embracing diversity
Artwork by Lorraine.

Artwork by Deja

Artwork by Yahzyah

Snowman Portraits

3rd and 5th graders did CLOSE-UP portraits of snowmen.  I asked them to give their snowmen emotion and some students even added a story plot!  Making me proud as usual :)
Artwork by Briannah and Edyn

Artwork by Andre
Bria added her name in the constellation of stars :)
Shocquell's snowmen has a very mischievous look!
Alex's snowman is Angry, Titiana's is blowing cold breathe. 
Bianca's snowman is sad because he was bullied.
Artwork by Shamia
Tyeana was the only student to have her snowman lying down!  He even has an igloo on his belly!

Misty Mountains

To be posted.

Ndebele in "Da" Building

The Ndebele (pronounced "in-da-belly) African Tribe is famous for their colorful geometric house paintings.  7th graders designed their own Ndebele house design. 

Unfortunately, a couple months have passed and I forget which students did many of these.  If it is yours, leave a comment and I will include your name.  Thanks
Artwork by Johntaye
Artwork by Kiara B
Artwork by Yahzyah
Artwork by Crystal?

Artwork by Mikayla?
Artwork by Lashamere

CD weaves

To be posted.

GIANT Penguin Eggs

Ms. Appiah took on a GIANT penguin project. Her class paper maches their eggs during art class...and after school thanks to Edyn, Eryn, Jaye, Damari, and Asjah. I need to add pictures of the eggs with the giant penguins. They don't look like eggs without their mother penguins!

To Be Posted