Feb 28, 2012

Apology and Patterned Paper

Please come again soon to see the pictures of the artwork we have been busy making. They will be posted by next month.

Some projects I have been really into this year is drawing into wet paint, so much fun! And Printmaking, although we are still very much in the experimenting stages.

We enjoyed making painted patterned paper using cut cardboard, stamps, anything really. 4th grade used cool colors on day, warm the next week. Here are my favorites:

Avionne's cool colors

Yahdiah's warm colors
Printmaking with Acrylic paints= FAIL, the paint dries too quickly
However, the dried paint looked great with Triniti's creation. A++ to her for remembering to reverse the Words
Chloe's minimalist painting that she did one day when she had extra time. This painting would love really nice in a living room.

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