Oct 23, 2009

Meet Matisse

Art Club practiced mixing their primary colors and made a color wheel. Using the six colors from their color wheel, they did their own version of Matisse's Madame, also called the "Green Line".
"Green Line" by Matisse
Color Wheel by Janeia
Artwork by Joseph
Artwork by Janeia
Artwork by Sanbonnice
The eighth grade is also studying Matisse, but they studied his famous cutouts. They used primary colors, figures, and again positive/negative space!
Artwork by Terron
Artwork by Channa
Artwork by Malik and Bobby
Artist unknown...they did a great job, but they forgot the most important step, step #1= WRITE YOUR NAME

Positive/Negative Space, but only Positive People

8th graders studied negative and positive space by cutting out of the black paper and used the scraps as positive space for the negative image. NO SCRAPS on floor! If they have scraps, that means they did it wrong. A special thank you to Bobby who worked extra hard past few class periods. He did the bike one below.

Artwork by Bobby
Artwork by Ebony
Artwork by Khayla

Get to Know Van Gogh

The Art Club studied the detailed sky from Van Gogh's "Starry Night". Their projects are swirly like his! I love their interpretations of Van Gogh's sky!

Artwork by Kenmari
Artwork by Sanbonnice
Artwork by Akilah
Artwork by Jakobe

The lower grades studied Van Gogh's "Sunflowers".
Artwork by VanGogh
Artwork by Joseph

Artwork by Cierra
Artwork by Timothy
Artwork by Alex

Artwork by Trevius

Everyone has remembered Vincent Van Gogh's name...to help, we think "not car, but VAN...not stop, but GO! :-) With both projects they used glitter glue to make the texture that is one of Van Gogh's trademarks.

Not So Scary Scarecrows

The second graders made scarecrows using geometric shapes. As always the students put their own style into the same basic instructions. I had a few buttons, but only enough for one per student. The next day I found 2 huge jars of buttons, of course! Next year we will use the buttons, hay, clothe, and make scarecrows version2.0 :-)

Artwork by Robert
Artwork by Willie

Artwork by Marquis

Lions are Rrrrroaring

Reminder: Click on the images to enlarge. The students sign their name on the front of their artworks.
The K-3rd graders practiced all their lines by putting them together to make a lion.

Artwork by Damari, Joseph, Shamia, Shocquell, and more!
-Artwork by Willie