Jan 31, 2010

So Smitten with These Mittens

Kindergarten practiced patterns by designing these fun mittens.

Artistic Blankets

The K-2nd grade designed blankets inspired by Kandinsky and Mondrian. We bundled up our penguins and bears for the winter.
Artwork by Kandinsky
Artwork by Mondrian
Artwork by Jabari, Robert
Artwork by Monday, Shaniaya
Artwork by Willie
Artwork by Demeyah

Artwork by Jordan

Jan 17, 2010

Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day!

Congratulations to the 5th- 6th grade winners of the MLK portrait contest! Remember click on picture to get a closer look at each winner. The winners are listed in the following order: Most Expressive, Most Realistic, Most Creative.

Room 108: Devonta, Lorraine, Shilah

Room 301: Shalon, Deshun, Daniqua

Room 302: Calvin, Alanchea, Kenya

Runner-Ups for 5th-6th Grade: Lashamere, Jamerah, Taron

7th-8th Grade MLK Portrait Winners

Congratulations to the 7th- 8th grade winners of the MLK portrait contest! Remember click on picture to get a closer look at each winner. The winners are listed in the following order : Most Expressive, Most Realistic, Most Creative.
Room 307: Heaven, Marquise, Kenda
Room 306: Malachi, Brandon, Tejuan
Room 308: Malik, Markese, Terron

Runner-Ups for 7th-8th Grades: Matthew, Bobby, Toyia

Jan 13, 2010

K-4th Grade Study Art History

Kindergarten through 4th grade studied Art History this week in art class. Some people do not learn about these paintings until college! Ask us about the paintings below and we can impress you with our college-level knowledge. We watched Disney Channel's "Wizards of Waverly Place" when Alex brings these paintings to life to help her with her Art History homework. Here are some things we learned:

"Mona Lisa" is painted by Leonardo da Vinci. She is the most well known painting in the whole world. Many people argue about whether or not she is smiling, what do you think? Her eyes always seem to be looking at you...it is like they are following you! She lived centuries ago and was from Italy.
"The Scream" was painting by Munch (Moon-k). In Wizards of Waverly Place, the man is screaming because his shoes are too small, that is so silly! Why do you think he is screaming?
Vincent Van Gogh is famous for his sunflowers (we drew those earlier this year). He went crazy later in his life and cut his ear off :-O That is why he painted himself with a bandage around his head.
This painting of a Dutch boy in a blue costume is called "Blue Boy"- this one is so easy to remember! Congratulations on the facts are learned in this week's Art History lesson.

Jan 11, 2010

Two Contests Coming up

Students in 5th-8th grade are invited to participate in the Martin Luther King Jr. portrait (face) drawing contest. It is due on Friday before the end of the school day. I will be giving out prizes for most realistic, most creative, and most expressive for each grade. You can include words, his name, anything you want, but his face must take up most of the page. If you want to participate stop by the art room for paper. Below are examples of the students who have started their Martin Luther King Jr. portrait. Remember, MLK Day is on Monday, so we do not have school!

Artwork by Malachi
Artwork by Chante

The other contest is a Safety Poster Contest hosted by Metra with the theme Make the Right Choice: "Look, Listen, Live". For more details visit Metra Safety Contest 2008 - 2009
I will be inviting participating students to work on their posters after school...so start thinking up great ideas! Visit their facebook page to see winning posters from previous years:
Facebook | Metra Safety Poster Contest Below are a few winning posters from last year. You could win a laptop!

How did 4th and 5th graders spend their break?

Brianna shows us all her new gifts! Remember click on image for close-up.

Lucky! Triniti was downtown with her mom and it looks like she got a new bike!

William was busy enjoying the holidays and snow.
Xavier was playing video games. Thanks for the drawings everyone!