Jan 13, 2010

K-4th Grade Study Art History

Kindergarten through 4th grade studied Art History this week in art class. Some people do not learn about these paintings until college! Ask us about the paintings below and we can impress you with our college-level knowledge. We watched Disney Channel's "Wizards of Waverly Place" when Alex brings these paintings to life to help her with her Art History homework. Here are some things we learned:

"Mona Lisa" is painted by Leonardo da Vinci. She is the most well known painting in the whole world. Many people argue about whether or not she is smiling, what do you think? Her eyes always seem to be looking at you...it is like they are following you! She lived centuries ago and was from Italy.
"The Scream" was painting by Munch (Moon-k). In Wizards of Waverly Place, the man is screaming because his shoes are too small, that is so silly! Why do you think he is screaming?
Vincent Van Gogh is famous for his sunflowers (we drew those earlier this year). He went crazy later in his life and cut his ear off :-O That is why he painted himself with a bandage around his head.
This painting of a Dutch boy in a blue costume is called "Blue Boy"- this one is so easy to remember! Congratulations on the facts are learned in this week's Art History lesson.

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