Jun 9, 2012

Fence Mural is finished!!

The clouds in the nighttime area were originally a mistake, but we decided to keep them to make people looking at it question why they are there. Like that Magritte painting.

Entire Fence

6th-8th grade houses

Most the 6th-8th grades did the trees and the houses situated at the far end of the fence (the night part)
Below is Brianna's purple house, Gabrieal's polka dot house, Lesean's yellow house, Kenya's house with the stick figure, and Indiya's peach colored house.
belowis Crystal's pink house and Kiara L's house is on the far left.
I spy Iyana's green house, Yahzyah's blue house,
below is nighttime.

More 3rd-5th grade work

I see Marvin's Orange House below

I remember Ashton's tall skinny house, Brian's teal house, Eryn's pink house, below

Amillion's house is the tall skinny teal one.  The big green one is Autumn's?

More houses
Dusk... Kenmari is the yellow house, Juavonte did the blue house, Ryshaun did the huge red one, Amiri did the yellow one? and Jonathan did the brown house.

Banks, Vail and Hollander Mural Work

 Below are houses done by Ms Banks classroom
 These houses are by Ms. Vail's class.  I remember Briannah did the yellow one
 More houses done by Vail's class...I remember Iyana did the blue one and Autumn's is the far green one.
 Alexandria is the Purple one, Orange one of Bria's...
 The striped house is Tyeana, the rest I forget, help me out!! I should have posted these right away.

Gallery of a Good Year

This years End of the Year theme was "Gallery of a Good Year". So we made our own fancy frames for our art work and I made this photo center. I was not there for the award ceremony to make sure people took pictures there, but I had fun setting it up anyway :)

Iyana and Kenya pose with the frame for me. I had to block faces because I'm not sure if I got their permission slip forms.

I also had the idea of "thinking outside the frame"...but I doubt many people caught that.

2012 Art Show

It is always hard to choose which art to display because I love it all.  This year I put up over 500 works of art because I was given the time to do it!

Some of the projects I never got a chance to post on the blog, like the Zentangle by Ellusion and the Jamaican dancer by Shocquell below.

Walls leading up to the auditorium also had some artwork, there was lots to go around!
 8th grade wall!Artwork by Chloe, Alachae, Nia, Jessica, and more 
Artwork by Sereniti, Jamerah

Artwork by Omari, Tyeana

Library Winners

Shannon, director from Woodson Library came to choose the best artworks from this year to be on display at the library. Congrats to the artists she chose. Some of the winners are below:
Briana V and Iyana