Mar 24, 2011

Celebrating Art

Do you want your artwork published and prizes? Click Here You can apply online in 5 minutes. It is for K-12th graders, so you can help your younger brother or sister submit artwork too. If you do not have an image of your artwork, use the images I have posted on this blog. 1) Find your name on left side under your graduating year. 2) Choose one of your works of art. 3) Right-click and save it on your desktop. 4) Then just submit it real quick. I can help you after school if you need it.

Mar 12, 2011

Tessellation Fascination (6th Grade)

Artwork by Shilah
Artwork by Lashamere
Artwork by Kiara W

Artwork by Johntaye

Artwork by Princess

Artwork by ZyshonArtwork by Ellusion
Artwork by Michael
Artwork by Maya
Artwork by Shakeyah

Tessellation Fascination (5th Grade)

Artwork from top left (click for close-up) Brianna, Yuzerick, William, Jevon, Randy, Triniti
Artwork by Indiya
Artwork by Jermaine

Artwork by Tatiana
Artwork by Dasmin
Artwork by Triniti
Artwork by Telia
Artwork by Makayl

Artwork by Xavier
Artwork by Donyell
Artwork by Gabrieal
Artwork by Kiara L
Artwork by Damien

Tessellation Fascination (4th Grade)

Artwork by Shamia
Artwork by Cierra
Artwork by Jada
Artwork by Netonya
Artwork by Alexzandria
Artwork by Brianna
Artwork by Yahdiah
Artwork by Jakobe
Artwork by Jamari
Artwork by Aberiyanna

Drawing is Easy as ABC (3rd and 4th Grade)

The 2nd-4th graders turned their favorite Quick Draw into a painting. Their Quick Draws for past 2 months have been turning letters into drawings. Try to find the letter they used in the paintings below.
Kayla H did the letter "F". She painted both sides of the paper, front side and back side of the girl! I will have to hang it on a string so that both sides can be seen.

Amari used the letter "K"

Timothy used the letter "U"
Derrick used the letter "O"
Shaionta used the letter "B"

Marquis used the letter "E"Kayla W used the letter "K"

I forget who did the two mice below! I will get back to you on artist name. Kori? Lamya?