Mar 12, 2011

Drawing is Easy as ABC (3rd and 4th Grade)

The 2nd-4th graders turned their favorite Quick Draw into a painting. Their Quick Draws for past 2 months have been turning letters into drawings. Try to find the letter they used in the paintings below.
Kayla H did the letter "F". She painted both sides of the paper, front side and back side of the girl! I will have to hang it on a string so that both sides can be seen.

Amari used the letter "K"

Timothy used the letter "U"
Derrick used the letter "O"
Shaionta used the letter "B"

Marquis used the letter "E"Kayla W used the letter "K"

I forget who did the two mice below! I will get back to you on artist name. Kori? Lamya?

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