Feb 20, 2011

Patterned USA

Students practiced creating patterns with an empty map of the USA (split into 4 pieces). They were challenged to have their pattern relate to something about the state. I gave them a list of top commodities from each state to help inspire them.
Artwork by De'yannah
Artwork by Xavier (notice he put snowman in Illinois and turned Missouri into a car- very creative!)
Artwork by Kiara W
Artwork by Randy
Artwork by Gabrieal and Deandre

Our Snowy Day

After experiencing our own very snowy day (Chicago's Blizzard of 2011!), the Kindergardeners- 2nd graders made artwork inspired by Ezra Jack Keat's "The Snowy Day". I supplied them with the cut-out of Peter in 3 different poses. They painted the snow and used snowflake stamps.
Artwork by Bianca
Artwork by Heaven
Artwork by Asjah
Artwork by Stephen

Feb 14, 2011

Lot of Love

Do you recognize this sculpture. It is designed by Robert Indiana and has been become iconic with multiple versions in a variety of colors and formats. We did our design on scratch paper.
In celebration of Valentine's Day, Google also celebrated Robert Indiana's sculpture as there opening search page.

Artwork by Bria
Artwork by Destiny
Artwork by Rakiya
Artwork by Lamya
Artwork by Deantay
Artwork by Brianna

XOX Fish Kiss XOX

Happy Valentine's Day! 3rd Graders made fishes out of Hearts. (for details see previous post)

Artwork by Damari
Artwork by Emonie
Artwork by Marquis
Artwork by Desiree
Artwork by Kashariya
Montala's fish is jumping out of the water!
Artwork by Brian

Scratch Art Heart

After overcoming many obstacles we finished our scratch art. For anyone planning on doing this, I saw a tip online to add dish soap to black paint to avoid the chipping. The chipping was frustrating for many students, but regardless there were many successes.
Artwork by Kayla, Shaionta
Artwork by Marquis
Artwork by Damari
Artwork by Cierra
Artwork by Amiri

Swimming Hearts

Kindergarden made fish out of hearts. A heart for the head, tail, lips, fins, bubbles, you name it!
Artwork by Joshua
Artwork by Kenye
Artwork by Jacquese
Artwork by Jada
Artwork by Amiri