Dec 28, 2011

Moonlight Mixing

8th graders began with a white moon and practiced mixing different tints by adding a tiny bit of either blue or red to their white paint. For each ring they added more color to the white, making it darker and darker.
Their trees were made by gluing strips of ripped black or white paper. I asked them to make sure the thicker end to meet the trunk of the tree and get gradually smaller scraps of paper for branches.
Artwork by: Top Row: Nia, Kendreanna, Dakest
Bottom Row: ____, Chloe (She chose to paint her tree rather than glue), Jessica, and Samantha
Artwork by _____(no name), Antonio and Deona

I always repeat to write your name on front bottom corner. It is very important if you want recognition on the blog. If I can not zoom and see your name, I can not tag you to your artwork!

3rd and 4th grade Nutcrackers

3rd and 4th graders practiced their observation and creativity skills with their fun nutcrackers. I have each table a couple of nutcrackers to look at, but they were encouraged to add their add details. Therefore, we had quite a variety of nutcrackers.
Artwork by Alonzo, DV?, Rakiya, Willie?, Marche

Artwork by Katlin, Kayla, and _______.

Owls, Houses, and Ashton

I have a lot of watercolor and bird collages to post. We have been very busy with birds...peacocks, cockatoos, penquins! The owls are just one of many. Here is a small preview.

Houses by Willie and Kori

Owl by Emonie

Houses by Caiya and Emonie (again! yah!)

Owl by Alonzo

Houses by Alijah

Houses by Jordan

I love the "at-home" drawings that everyone have given me this year! But, I need everyone to be patient with seeing them on the blog. I decided to post all of the drawings together at end of year. Ashton has given me, not only a few drawings, but a few entire drawing journals!! So these are just a preview of many more of Ashton's work to come!

Dec 4, 2011

Color Explosion

8th graders studied colors while re-making Madame Matisse. They loved about Matisse and his love of color. The 6th graders created still lives inspired by Matisse. I will post them soon.
Artwork by Nia

Color Wheel by Jessica
Artwork by Chloe

Color Wheel by Unique
Artwork by Tierra

A very interesting interpretation of Madame Matisse by Shekeema

Fish Finally Installed!

Special thank you to my dad who visited Fernwood and finally installed the mosaic in the office. I am in the process of making a poster to acknowledge the artists who worked so hard on the mosaic last year. I will have a diagram labeling whose did each fish, sea creature, the gluing, grouting, etc. Although the fish do have some initials carved in them, I might need your help in refreshing my memory! I hope everyone is enjoying the new addition to the main office.

Tree Silhouettes

I was so proud of the 7th graders' trees. They went above and beyond what I could have expected with these stunning tree artwork.
Artwork by Crystal
Artwork by Marvelles (I wish he had finished cause he has great details in pencil that we can not see)
Artwork by Ellusion and Lorraine
Artwork by Kiara B and Tjena
Artwork by Lashamere and Cartez

HooHoooo let the owls out?

Room 208 and 202 practiced their collaging skills with these cute owls.
Artwork by Tierra and Marche
Artwork by Tranique and Timaris
Artwork by Mikayla and Kori
Artwork by Brooklyn and Donita
Artwork by Dylan and Aaliyah
Artwork by Antoine and Lamya
Artwork by Jennifer and Taylor
Artwork by Brionna
Artwork by Makya and Jordan

Plenty of Pumpkins TWO!

More Pumpkins from the 2nd floor. Coming Soon: I will post the paper mache pumpkins that the 3rd floor created.
Artwork by Joshua (He chose to use colored pencil rather than oil pastels. I am glad he did because he is great with colored pencils!)
Artwork by Destiny and Derrick
Artwork by Shaionta and Myja
Artwork by Damari and Roniesha
Artwork by Amillion, Nygel and Shaniaya

Plenty of Pumpkins!

Who knew that the 4th and 5th graders could create such a range of different pumpkins!?!
Artwork by Eric and Kayla
Artwork by Avionne and Jamari
Artwork by Jaron and Lakeau
Artwork by Diamond and Desiree
Artwork by Sereniti and Tysean
Artwork by Ryshaun and Amiri