Dec 28, 2011

Moonlight Mixing

8th graders began with a white moon and practiced mixing different tints by adding a tiny bit of either blue or red to their white paint. For each ring they added more color to the white, making it darker and darker.
Their trees were made by gluing strips of ripped black or white paper. I asked them to make sure the thicker end to meet the trunk of the tree and get gradually smaller scraps of paper for branches.
Artwork by: Top Row: Nia, Kendreanna, Dakest
Bottom Row: ____, Chloe (She chose to paint her tree rather than glue), Jessica, and Samantha
Artwork by _____(no name), Antonio and Deona

I always repeat to write your name on front bottom corner. It is very important if you want recognition on the blog. If I can not zoom and see your name, I can not tag you to your artwork!

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