Jun 4, 2010

Flower Power

Kiara, I see that you are posting comments right now...yah :-) Here is your flower, it is not finished yet, but still blog-worthy!

Artwork by Triniti
Artwork by Makayl

Artwork by Jada...This was from the Picasso Project, I was cleaning out artwork today and thinking about how much I love this one and I never posted it. Good Job Jada. Truly is a "Work of Art" :-)


Artwork by Jasper Johns
Artwork by Jasper Johns, remember: click to enlarge
Artwork by Monday, Cameron, Devin. I am not sure who the bottom three because when I was taking pictures, I accidently missed the bottom...This is why it is very important to write your name on FRONT of artwork.
Artwork by Leo
Artwork by Katherine
Artwork by Aaliyah

Rock Art Rocks

2nd- 4th graders designed their own "Rock Art" (usually found in caves, carved into ROCKS thousands of years ago :-o) Okay, so we didn't carve into real rocks (it is spray painted foil), but we did use wooden sticks. Then we used sandpaper to make it look old, since rock art is OLDEST ART EVER!

Artwork by Michael
Artwork by Kerelyn
Artwork by Chyna
Artwork by Aberiyanna
Artwork by De'yannah
Artwork by Michaiya