May 26, 2010

Draw Your own Cartoon Face

Triniti, now you will have something new to comment about for sure ;-)
Artwork by Gabrieal
Artwork by Ellusion
Artwork by Janeia, Joseph, Triniti and Lorraine

May 25, 2010

Art Show #2 at Library

The Laurel Burch projects (cats, flowers, fish, sun, moon) are hanging at the Woodson Library. Thank you to Kevan and Larry, who helped me hang the artwork. The artwork will stay there over the summer, so be patient getting that project back. But you will have all summer to make it to the library to see everyone's great work.

Artwork by Michiaya, Aaliyah, Daion, Marvianna, and others
Artwork by Zyshon and Destiny

8th grade Field Trip to D.C.

An Eye Spy to win Tie-Dye Party! Point System: Googled Image= 2 points, Real-life Image= 5 points + 1 point per group member. 150 points= tie=dye party. Group Photos are key to winning! Of the 35 slides I showed you, 150 points will be no problem. We are sure to tie-dye t-shirts :-) Thank you to Malachi, Jennifer, Taylar, and Channa, the group leaders.
Here are ten extra hints. Good Luck, Have Fun, Be Safe!

May 11, 2010

*!Loom Loom Pow!*

6th-8th graders got creative with the cardboard looms.
Double-click for closer look.

Darneisha added beads

Silvia used ribbon

Write a Story to go with Your Artwork.

If you ever want to write a story about your artwork, I will be sure to post it on the blog. Just e-mail it to me ( Lorraine wrote a story to go with her Picasso Portrait. She was reading a book about the Holocaust, so her portrait is very sad. Her story is also very sad and powerful, it is called "Holocaust Pain".

"Holocaust Pain. Her pain is my pain. Jewish kids and old people are taken away. They shoot and kill. The little boys and girls have no future. We see the kids being put in a camp where there is no light. My friend has stitches and glass on her. She can’t bare the pain. So we wait in this horribly dark room. A little girl is dragged away. My friends and I wait. The time has come for our last stand. I saw the sweet little Jewish girl shot. I cried. Then we both held our hands and this was the end? To be continued."
Story and Artwork by Lorraine. Ask her to continue it because that is all she gave me!

Laurel Burch Celestial Dreams

Another subject matter that Laurel Burch loves is suns and moons, which is the challenge the 4th and 5th graders took on!

Artwork by Markeith and William

Artwork by Triniti and Kiara L

Artwork by Jevon

Artwork by Letasha

Floral Laurel

2nd-4th graders did flowers inspired by Laurel Burch. They used gold and outlined with black just like Laurel Burch.

Artwork by Michiaya
Artwork by Brianna
Artwork by Jermaine
Artwork by Tysean
Artwork by Donyelle, Tysean, Shamia

Artwork by Mark (He decided to add a character to his artwork, and I can see why....He is really good at them!)

May 9, 2010

Laurel Burch's Ocean Songs

Laurel Burch also loves painting fanciful fish.

Artwork by Laurel Burch

Artwork by John
Artwork by Destiny

Artwork by Savannah

Artwork by Khyla

Artwork by Iyana
Artwork by Tyeyana

Achieving a Weaving

The 6th- 8th graders have been working on their weaving skills using cardboard looms. Not an easy task to achieve, but some students got so fast at it that they could do an entire 6 inch weave in 20 minutes (Kenda!!!) I will post more pictures next week.

Weaves by Nia and Andre

Channa got creative and braided her own yarn.

Breantia added colored beads to her weave.

Laurel Burch's Fantastic Felines

This past month, Fernwood enjoyed spring's floral with Laurel-pa-looza! Each class did a different Laurel Burch project. She is one of my favorite artists because of her bold colors and fanciful subject matter. She started by selling artwork on the street and now her artwork designs have been turned into journals, fabric, clothing, and more more!! Check it out: One of her favorite things to paint is cats. Stay posted because there will be much more Laurel Burch inspired artwork posted next week!

Artwork above by Laurel Burch. There she is posing in front of her Fantastic Felines.
Artwork by Catariana
Artwork by Alexis
Artwork by Kayla