May 11, 2010

Write a Story to go with Your Artwork.

If you ever want to write a story about your artwork, I will be sure to post it on the blog. Just e-mail it to me ( Lorraine wrote a story to go with her Picasso Portrait. She was reading a book about the Holocaust, so her portrait is very sad. Her story is also very sad and powerful, it is called "Holocaust Pain".

"Holocaust Pain. Her pain is my pain. Jewish kids and old people are taken away. They shoot and kill. The little boys and girls have no future. We see the kids being put in a camp where there is no light. My friend has stitches and glass on her. She can’t bare the pain. So we wait in this horribly dark room. A little girl is dragged away. My friends and I wait. The time has come for our last stand. I saw the sweet little Jewish girl shot. I cried. Then we both held our hands and this was the end? To be continued."
Story and Artwork by Lorraine. Ask her to continue it because that is all she gave me!

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