May 11, 2012

Mural week two

 Houses from left to right by Jonathan (brown), Keyana(pink), Ryshaun(red), Alex(yellow), and Juavonte (blue)
 Lashamere, Yahsyah and Kiara do some fix-ups
 Day time:
 dusk to night-time:
 House by Kenya
 House by Yahzyah

Lollipop Trees

Somehow the trees got the name "lollipop trees" because of the bright colors and round shape, and it stuck. The 8th graders worked on decorated the lollipop trees. These two students forgot to write their initials, so I will have to post artist names later.
Tree by Darneisha? maybe?

4th Grade houses

4th graders working on their houses.
 Eryn, wrong house! ;-) Eryn kept getting the other pink house mixed up with hers.  Her house has the pink-ish roof.
Brian's house, I love his color choices.
Houses by Daeshawn and Eryn
Amillion's house

Rainy Days

Mural-making was post-poned a few days due to weather. This is what happened when you start painting and it started to rain: Fortunately only one class had started to paint when it started to rain.