Apr 23, 2011


Easter Egg Pics
Pictures from when we dyed Easter Eggs on Report Card Pick-up Day.
If you missed it, click HERE to decorate virtual eggs!


Apr 9, 2011

Photo Permission Slips

I finally got a list of students who turned in their photo permission slips. This means I can post pictures of everyone making artwork during class too. I can also link your artwork to your picture. Here are some students who always give 100% effort during art class. It shows, because their artwork has been chosen to be posted more than once and I only pick my favorite 5 or 6 pieces from each project to post. Of course, they also turned in their photo form. Click on their name to see some of their artwork.
Brianna already has TEN postings!!
Kiara R

Apr 5, 2011

3rd Quarter Stars

Thank you to my 3rd Quarter Stars! Make sure you check out their photographs outside the art room. I used different computer effects with each photo. The effects imitate different artistic styles. Pick a favorite effect and I can do it to a picture of you as a "thank you" for reading our blog. The stars for this Quarter were:
Room 403- Jacquese
Room 201- Jasmarie
Room 207- Robert
Room 206- John
Room 208- Bria
Room 106- Jada
Room 108- Ashton
Room 208- Lashamere
Room 307- Chloe
Room 306- Lydell

Shape Quake

6th and 7th graders were given a piece of black paper, scissors, and glue. They were asked to cut any shapes out of the paper and shift them around, but use all scraps. Most people followed directions but I did find a few scrap pieces of black paper after they left! Here is artwork from students who used the whole paper:
Artwork by Kiara W
Artwork by Michael
Artwork by Cornelius
Artwork by Denadrian

Artwork by Kenya
Artwork by Candice
Artwork by Robert
Artwork by Darneisha
Artwork by April
Artwork by Alanchae

1st grade paintings

Catahjari and Aaliyah made twin paintings!
Alijah and Paris did not exactly follow the directions, but they both worked hard and used their imagination. That is what matters most! You will have to ask Alijah and Aaliyah about their interesting creatures.

Apr 4, 2011

Share your Artwork Online

Some students did drawings at home and asked me to post them online. Please do the same. I would love to see the artwork you do at home.
Artwork by John
Cars by Yuzerick

Artwork by Jeremie
Using beads, magazines, cardboard boxes, Kenya made a miniature house! If you are interested in making your own, ask her more about how she did it.

Artwork by Frenchico (Fernwood Alumni)

Sketches by Demeyah

Landscape vs. Cityscapes

Landscape art is a natural scene such as mountains, valleys, trees, rivers, forests, or DESERTS! Cityscape art is scenery such as cities and towns. Both are usually in a wide view and include the sky.

Cityscape by Bria
Landscape by Rakiya

Cityscape by Kevon

Landscape by Amillion
Cityscape by Kori

Landscape by Jordan
Landscape by Heaven
Cityscape by Briannah
Cityscape by Diamond
Landscape by Autumn
Landscape by Kori
Cityscape by Willie
Cityscape by Jordan