Mar 29, 2012

This Year's Celebrating Art Contest

I am submitting artwork for the contest again this year. Last year over half the artwork I submitted was published. So it is worth your time if you want to submit your own artwork. If you'd prefer to just e-mail the artwork and I can do it for you. I wish I had time to submit a work of art for every student, but I just had to choose a few. Posted below are some of the artwork from this year that caught my eye:
Artwork by Deja
Artwork by Timaris (my Quick Draw expert!)
Artwork by Tysean
Artwork by Unique
Miro Artwork by Tjena
Artwork by Avionne (love her roofs!)
Miro Artwork by Crystal
Artwork by Chloe
Unfinished Elephant by Arronte (once he adds a Big Green Ear, this piece will be awesome)
One of Amillion many amazing creations that she whips together after school while I'm putzing around the art room. ;-)
Artwork by Lashamere

Portrait Collages (Art Museum project)

Part of our field trip was doing an art project...Portrait collages using reproductions of artwork from the Chicago Art Museum.

Mark's art skills go beyond drawing. I LOVE this collage!
Artwork by Mark

Artwork by Telia
No name! I think this one would be even cooler if the grapes were part of his beard. You might of noticed...the food clippings were very popular.

Another no-name :-( But I love the lightning behind the ice cream and the butterfly used as the bust.
Artwork by Triniti

Again, no name. I usually toss no-names, but those raspberry earrings and the armor used for the body! Too cute.

Artwork by Damien

Artwork by Ashton

Artwork by Arneisha

Fangs and using animal mouths was also a very popular motif.

Picasso Guitar Collages

Despite the pressure of ISATS, the 4th and 5th graders made some rocking artwork during testing week.

Revisiting Picasso:Some of these students had studied Picasso Portraits two years ago and I was happy to see a few remembered. This year they re-created his guitars.

I thought I was clever by putting the title of the bulletin board in CD cases, but it just made the title difficult to read. You live and learn. Can the read the title?

Artwork by Kashariya

Artwork by Yahdiah

Artwork by Desiree

Artwork by Daija

Artwork by Avionne

Artwork by Amiri

Artwork by Destiny