Mar 29, 2012

Portrait Collages (Art Museum project)

Part of our field trip was doing an art project...Portrait collages using reproductions of artwork from the Chicago Art Museum.

Mark's art skills go beyond drawing. I LOVE this collage!
Artwork by Mark

Artwork by Telia
No name! I think this one would be even cooler if the grapes were part of his beard. You might of noticed...the food clippings were very popular.

Another no-name :-( But I love the lightning behind the ice cream and the butterfly used as the bust.
Artwork by Triniti

Again, no name. I usually toss no-names, but those raspberry earrings and the armor used for the body! Too cute.

Artwork by Damien

Artwork by Ashton

Artwork by Arneisha

Fangs and using animal mouths was also a very popular motif.

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