Feb 28, 2010

Black History Month with Aaron Douglas

Aaron Douglas has been called the father of African American art. Douglas was an important part of the circle of artists and writers we now call the Harlem Renaissance. His paintings reflect his confidence that African Americans can learn from the past "to carry us on to new and higher levels of achievement." Many paintings of Africans creating civilizations, overcoming oppression, and building new worlds. Working in 1920- 40s, Douglas proudly showed black Americans with their African past before the dawn of the civil rights movement.
**Remember click on artwork for close-up, there are great details to see**

The students were given the choice of doing their own interpretation of one of his painting or do n "abstract" work of art using Aaron Douglas' style as their inspiration

Adrian and Jennifer chose to do abstract interpretations of Aaron Douglas' paintings.

Aspirations (1936) contains symbols of musical accomplishment and achievement in scholarship and business Unlike many of the artists who have come of age after the civil rights era, Douglas is most interested in showing self-determined success. Douglas' most common signifier of such is not government, but industry, as at top in 1936's Aspiration.

"Aspiration" Artwork by Jallayha and no name
Jungle scene by Aaron Douglas
Jungle scene by Kendra and Mayuan

Ship scene by Aaron Douglas
Ship scene by Chloe, I am so proud of how she used all those different values!
Ship sene by Darneisha, and again great use of values!
Ship scene by Fahrenheit
Ship scene by Lavonte
Ship scene by Malik

Aaron Douglas: Creation

The Creation depicts the first man with plants, hills, a rainbow, and a stream. Douglas painted the moon being “flung against the darkness.

Creation by Jazmyne

Creation by Channa and Malachi

Aaron Douglas: Building Mansions

Building More Stately Mansions (1944) shows the achievements of African Americans throughout time by blending images from ancient Egypt and contemporary New York.

Buildings by Byron and Marquise
Buildings by Ebony

Buildings by Demetrius

Feb 24, 2010

Happy 100th Day of School!!

Today was the 100th day of school. To celebrate, the first graders made necklaces in their homeroom classroom. How many fruit loops do you think used? How many of each color can you count?

Necklace by Kayla

Fernwood's Metra Safety Posters

Metra Safety Posters are due this weekend. Congratulations to those students who completed their posters after school today!

Artwork by Robert

Artwork by Janeia

Artwork by Letasha

Artwork by Makayl

Artwork by Kenya

Artwork by Chante

Artwork by Kiara L

Artwork by Silvia

Feb 21, 2010

Preview sketchbook highlights

We are half-way through the school year!! Before the end of the year, I hope everyone's sketchbook covers will be complete and have pages full of sketches (practice drawings- be fearless-art for you). Whenever you finish your project early, you know what to do! I will post many other sketchbook highlights towards the end of year, but here are a few students who have a good start:

Sketchbook covers by Lawrence and Demetrius

Artwork by Deshun

Practice sketch for skyscraper by Jalen

Heart Art Project by Jalen
I like how Jalen has discovered a certain style of drawing that he uses in all his art projects! What is your style?

Fat Tuesday :-)

On Fat Tuesday we made our own Mardi Gras masks and talked about why it is called "Fat" Tuesday. People celebrate and eat LOTS before giving up things on Ash Wednesday.

Mask by Joseph

Masks by Mark and Demetrius
Masks by Katherine, Kenya, and Symphony
Masks by Demarion, Leo, and Keyuan
Masks by Ebony and Raven

Masks by Breanna and Madison

Feb 12, 2010

We Heart Art

Happy Valentine's Day! The 4th and 5th graders made Heart Designs in celebration. We looked at the artwork of Jim Dine, who hearts heart art. They were also introduced to Picasso's cubism because they will be doing Picasso Portraits next, stay tuned! They used rulers to break up their hearts and added patterns.

Artwork by Jim Dine

Artwork by Crystal

Artwork by Damien
Artwork by Johntaye

Artwork by Markeith, Gabriaela, Ashton, Tyree

Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year is on Feb. 14th this year and it is the year of the tiger. There is a free parade in Chinatown, try to make it! The lower grades watched videos of the lion and the dragon dance, but nothing compares to seeing it live. We also made red lanterns similar to the ones that grace the streets of China, Japan, Korean, and many other Asian countries during the Chinese New Year.

Feb 10, 2010

African Safari

Did you know that the giraffes that live in Africa are the tallest land living animal? The 1st and 2nd graders designed the giraffes and the 3rd graders designed the pretty map of Africa.

Artwork by Diamond
Artwork by Trevius

Artwork by Cierra and Tyeyana