Dec 28, 2011

Owls, Houses, and Ashton

I have a lot of watercolor and bird collages to post. We have been very busy with birds...peacocks, cockatoos, penquins! The owls are just one of many. Here is a small preview.

Houses by Willie and Kori

Owl by Emonie

Houses by Caiya and Emonie (again! yah!)

Owl by Alonzo

Houses by Alijah

Houses by Jordan

I love the "at-home" drawings that everyone have given me this year! But, I need everyone to be patient with seeing them on the blog. I decided to post all of the drawings together at end of year. Ashton has given me, not only a few drawings, but a few entire drawing journals!! So these are just a preview of many more of Ashton's work to come!

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