Mar 12, 2011

Look Out for Stamping

I am still really into my "Zentangles" (I still need to get all of you to love it as much as I do!)but my latest passion is stamping. I splurged on ink pads, so there will be much more stamping to come. I discovered an easy way to make stamps. By putting those foam stickers on a little piece of cardboard (letters do not work well unless you glue them instead of use sticky side), you can make cheapest stamps ever!! These are some creations that 8th graders did in a short class period. The only requirement I gave them was to have a border and something bigger in middle. I can't wait to see all the ways the students think to use the stamps. I learn as much from all of you, as you learn from me!
Artwork by Frensua
Artwork by Chante
Artwork by Kennedie
Artwork by Akeisha

Artwork by Lavonte

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