Jun 9, 2012

Kara Walker Take Two

 Crystal, Lashere and Jamerah kicked off the Kara Walker project by taking the pictures, getting the bulletin board paper, uploading/choosing pictures, tracing, cutting out, hanging!!  I was really impressed.  They were so independent that I think they could this project without my help. 

Two years ago, we did 8th grade silhouettes.  This year we took pictures of students from every grade including teachers and panthers.
Below is Shaniaya, Jaron and Crystal is one singingand
 Below is 1st graders Letina and Kristen
 Below are many silhouettes including Mr. Brame, Triniti, Lorraine, Zyshon
Below is a panther darting out the door
Below is Contrail, Lashamere, and others
The figures make "2012" The 8th Graders made this by lying on the floor, I was impressed!   

April is making half the number 2 below

Kenya and Allonte make a zero
Iyana and Darneisha make a zero as well
below are silhouettes making an eye...the music notes are the eye lashes, heart pupil, the baloon is the hair, can you see it?  This was originally by chance but the students worked with it after Kenya saw an eye.

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