Dec 13, 2009

Go Chicago! Room 307 Skyline Design

With pride, the Upper Grades designed their own artistic Chicago cityscape. They looked at pictures of the Chicago skyline and decided which buildings they wanted to highlight. Half of the students used watercolors and half used tracing paper. Those who used tracing paper have skylines that are more exact and they focused more energy on using creative colors. Which room do you think worked the hardest?!

Artwork from Room 307:
Artwork by Talaiyah
Artwork by Lavonte
Artwork by Erica
Artwork by Kennedie
Artwork by Farenheit
Artwork by Walter
Artwork by Jimmie (you can not see the detail with this photo but Jimmie is great, he has an eye for art)
Artwork by Kenda, she requested that I post her painting, but I hope that she finishes it!

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