Sep 9, 2011

Our Great Waves

6th graders have been studying different types of wavy and curved lines. Also with it being hurricane season, we re-created "The Great Wave", one of the most recognizable works of art from Japan. They also recently practiced drawing trees using spiral lines, so some students chose to have trees growing in their water. As always I was impressed with the variety of styles.

"The Great Wave off Kanagawa" by Hokusai.

Artwork by William
Artwork by Constance

Artwork by DaMarques
Artwork by Kiara L and Michael
Artwork by Ahmad
Artwork by Triniti

Artwork by Makayl
Artwork by Kiara R
Artwork by Gabrieal
Artwork by Jevon
Artwork by Lawuan

"The Great Wave" is seen often in pop culture (popular culture like t-shirts, advertising, etc) and reproduced in other type of artwork such as the sculptures below.

Below are examples of "The Great Wave" as seen in pop culture that I found online.

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