Sep 17, 2011

Miro's Motifs

7th graders studied the Spanish Surrealist Artist Joan Miro. Miro's "Chicago" is a large sculpture found downtown across from the Daley Center.

They looked at Miro's Constellation Series and found some of his motifs (a distinctive feature that is repeated in an artist's work).

We discussed surreal and abstract art (abstract art=from your imagination; surreal art= using your subconscious). They began their piece by closing their eyes and making three "squiggles". Next they added some of his motifs. They used pastels, crayons, and markers for the color.

Artwork by Johntaye and Shakeyah
Artwork by Mikayla and Kiara B
Artwork by Deja
Artwork by Tjena
Artwork by Ellusion
Artwork by Crystal and Lashamere
Artwork by Jamerah and Cartez
Students were encouraged to use their imagination and find things amongst their squiggles. Cartez was very good at this and found a dragon/monster type creature. He went around the room helping other students find things.

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