Sep 9, 2011

Back to Drawing!! Grades 4-8

We are back in school! Our first project was decorating the cover to our sketchbook. This year's group colors are orange, purple and green. Every class had the same guidelines of wavy line in middle, box on the wavy line, sun by their name as well of a zig-zag line, spirals and other shapes. Even with the same guidelines, everyone's unique style shined through!!
On the back side they had option of free draw and writing their name in different styles. Here are some of my favorites:

Sketchbook Covers by Kiara B, Crystal, Marvelles and Tatyana

Sketchbook Covers by Yahzyah, Deja, and Lorraine

Sketchbook covers by Jevon, Kiara R, Brianna, Indiya

Sketchbook Covers by Kori, Tysean, Juavonte, and Emonie

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