Apr 26, 2012


We started the mural on the fence by the playground. I wish I had a photo to post, but I will take some next week.  We are painting houses and houses, inspired by Karla Gerard , an artist who painted in Folk Art style. She is still alive and living in Maine. I like her artwork because of the bright colors she uses.

I've been calling our tree "lollipop" trees because they are very round with lots of different colors. They will look more like trees once we add details, to look more like the trees below!

Each student was assigned a house that they got to choose which colors to paint it!  Next week we will be adding the windows and doors.
Half of our mural is at night.  Originally it was because we ran out of sky blue paint, but I LOVE the part of the fence that is a night scene.  I am very happy we ran out of sky blue paint :)

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