Oct 1, 2011

4th graders' Cool Suns

While studying different types of lines, students made radial sun designs that in some cases turned out looking more like flowers! They were asked to use at least two different types of lines and one shape in their design. There were no guidelines with colors some students used "cool" colors. (see previous post for more info on warm/cool colors). Many students also choose to give their sun shades. That is why I called them "cool suns". It is very appropriate because when we started the project, it felt like 100 degrees out. A couple weeks later when we finished, the weather had quickly cooled to the 60s. It was a very sudden summer to fall this year!

Eryn's pretty "flower-looking" sun

Amillion kept doubting her sun, but as usual, her artwork turned out great!
Artwork by Shaionta
Artwork by Shaniaya
Brian's Sun grew a beard!
Whoops, I cut off the same when I took pictures. Artist to be announced
Very COOOL sun by Damari
Daion's Sun is peeking over his shades!

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