Oct 1, 2011

1st and 2nd graders' Magic Carpets

1st and 2nd graders practiced drawing wavy, zig-zag and broken lines while dreaming up places they would fly on their magic carpets. They also learned out of double knot and earned beads whenever they got it right! Many students did not want to go far on their magic carpets. Six Flags, Chuckie Cheese, and the movies were all popular destinations.

Carpet by Stephen
I love Aaliyah's shapes and colors!
Artwork by Martell
Artwork by Timaris
Artwork by Monday
Artwork by Jaye
Artwork by Angelo
Artwork by Paris
Artwork by Deshaun. I love the shapes he created!
Asjah did excellent job coloring in.
Kenye gave her carpet lots of dots
Tranique used very bold colors as usual!

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