Nov 17, 2009

Miss Reardon believes that these are great Leaves!

The 1st graders traced leaf stencils and drew spirals to make leaves blowing in the wind. It was their first time using watercolors this year and they did great!

Artwork by Kayla

Artwork by Kanye

The 8th graders rubbed leaves to create leaf-texture. They completed two different designs that were put together to make a diptych (two works of art that are meant to be next to each other). Using what they learned about negative and positive space, they colored the negative space in darker. They were very creative with their use of colors!

Artwork by Matthew
Artwork by Ebony
Artwork by Demesha and more..Remember click on image for a close-up.

The 5th and 7th graders practiced overlapping with leaf stencils. They also used colored pencils to mix colors and create multi-colored leaves like the ones we see outside in the fall.

Artwork by Jamerah, Kiara, and more
Artwork by Jimmie
Artwork by Fahrenheit, Heaven, LaBreaze, and more.


  1. i like my sister kayla price drawing's

  2. triniti did goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!