Nov 17, 2009

Cozy Klimt Quilts

Gustav Klimt is a famous painter who loved to use lines and shapes to make patterns. He also loved to use gold. So, Art Club looked at his paintings and learned from him.

Artwork by Klimt

Art Club practices making patterns by drawing someone bundled up in many brightly patterned quilts.

Artwork by Damien
Artwork by Janeia, Chyna, Kayla, Robert
Artwork by Akilah, Merelyn, Trevius, Joseph, Jermaine

**Remember, you can click on the image to enlarge it and see more details.


  1. Looks like something I would draw...I got that information about the soup kitchen, would be around 1 pm on Thaknsgiving...let me know if you still interested, I'm pretty much committed.

  2. These are great! One of my students was very excited to have me look at her picture. Great to see these hidden talents!

  3. These are some very talented students!! We might have some future artists in our mist!! Keep up the fantastic work!!