Nov 8, 2010

1st Quarter Art Stars! :-)

Congratulations to my 1st Quarter Art Stars! As always, I chose students who set a great example to their classmates with good behavior and hard work! Room 403- Jada, 402-Myles, 207-Mikayla, 206-Darius, 208-Kayla, 106-Michiaya, 108-Yuzerick, 308-Michael, 307-Deona, 306-Chante.

I never posted my 4th Quarter Stars from last year, so better late than never!! Sorry for the delay!
402-Keyuan, 207-Briannah, 208-Damari, 106-Jamari, 108-Brianna, 308-Kiara W, 307-Chloe, 306-Walter

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