Sep 27, 2010

Op Art, did we trick your eye?

Optical Art, known as OP art, is art that tricks the eye. Does our artwork look like it is moving? Does it look 3-D? Tricking the eye is not an easy task, so some students just made an awesome looking design using curved lines! That is fine with me, what matters most to me, is that YOU are happy with your completed project. Your artwork demonstrates your style and work ethic in all aspects of life, not just art class. I was sad to see students give up so easily with this project, but happy to see those who did above and beyond what I imagined! Thank you to everyone who tried their best :-)
Artwork by Lashamere
Artwork by Heaven
Artwork by April

Artwork by Alania
Artwork by Brianna
Artwork by Makayl
Artwork by Jevon
Artwork by Yuzerick
Artwork by Triniti

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  1. It's awesome how art lessons get around!!! :)