Jul 18, 2010

2010 Graduates' "Silhouettes Never to Forget"

Our very last big art project at the end of the year was decorating the auditorium with our "Silhouettes Never to Forget!" It took me long enough to post it, but end of year is busy as we all know. 8th grade students had imitated the style of Kara Walker, an artist famous for her designs made from cutting out of black paper. Below is Kara Walker and her artwork.

Using a camera, projector and black paper, the students created their own unique silhouette. It became a school-wide art project with students from every grade helping to cut out clouds, cats, flowers, leaves, graduation caps, and more. Not the mention the numerous helpers who have taped up the many details. Thanks to everyone for all their hard work and the Kids in Need Foundation (Ann Taylor Loft) who funded the project. I never got a chance to take pictures of the final work...believe it or not, it got even better :-)

Artwork by Akilah...Silhouette by Jennifer
Artwork by Tejuan, Alvin, Ebony
Artwork by Khayla, Breantia, Jallayha
Artwork by Devonya

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